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Thinking about adopting a cat or kitten? 

Here at Feline Friends Rescue we always endeavour to re-home to safe places – homes on very busy roads are not acceptable.  The use of an enclosed outdoor area, e.g. a catio, can be considered depending on the cat.

Cats and flats - We are usually only prepared to re-home elderly, handicapped, or previously indoor cats to this sort of environment.


Cats should ideally be kept indoors overnight.


No breeding is permitted from rescue cats.  All kittens must be neutered at the appropriate age without exception.  All adults leave the rescue already neutered.


Cats are not toys - children must be old enough to appreciate this or carefully supervised as necessary.


All cats in the UK must be microchipped by 10-Jun-24.  It is in any case good practice to have your cats microchipped in case they go missing.  Microchipping can be arranged by us prior to adoption.  Make sure that you register your details with the microchip supplier on-line – if this isn’t done it will be impossible to find you if the cat goes missing and is subsequently found & scanned.


If things don't work out with your adoption, all cats MUST be returned to FFR and should not be re-homed to a third party.


All potential adoptions are considered on merit - flexibility is key!


Make sure you understand that a cat is a long term commitment and vet bills can be expensive.  

We look at everything when re-homing all our moggies.  We look to try and create the perfect match for both cat and owner.  

If you are still interested in adopting please complete our form below

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Your donations are so important to the day to day running of our rescue centre! 

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